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To be a photographer is not only a matter of having the best equipment and the knowledge about composing beautiful pictures.
To be a photographer is a matter of passing on emotion and behind every pictures, there is a story to be told.
So to say, to be a good photographer you have to be a good storyteller!

M. & Mme ShoesEvery photographer’s got his own way to tell stories. His sensibility, his personality, his creativity, his own personal tale… these are all parts of the alchemy needed to create poignant photos. Our own approach is simple: we work as photojournalists . Discreet, attentive, we mainly use natural light, always favouring spontaneity against rigid poses.

Who we are, you ask?

We are M. & Mme Shoes, a young french photographers couple based in Normandy and working worldwide. We have been working together for many years. Close complementary partners, we anticipate every picture the other one will take so that we won’t miss any action or emotion.

We first worked as travel & landscape photographers, before jumping into ethnic portraits. Today, no matter where we are, we shoot pictures with our own style, developed over the years by traveling around the world, meeting people and listening to their tales.

Thanks to our many travels, we are fluent in English and therefore we can cover international events.

If our philosophy touches you and you are in need of photographers you can trust, feel free to contact us so we can work together.

Looking forward to hear from you,

M. & Mme Shoes

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